Linking the strength and tradition from its market experience with the boldness from its innovative profile. Ahead from the market tendencies, offering its customers solutions on industrial paintings for wood, plastic and glass.

The company maintains a strong R&D center for all of its products, including the choice of the best raw material in the market and the development of its resins and the creation of new and unique products. With thorough monitoring of the production process and constant technical advisory we aim at offering extreme quality of work, in compliance with current environmental laws – we have also been certified ISO 9001:2015.

This is the Tecbril way of working, a company where quality, sustainability and safety are always prime concerns.

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Become a reference point in special paint with technology and differentiated services to the furniture, plastic and glass sector until 2018.


Cementing an entrepreneurial education by fostering an environment dedicated to innovation and the multiplying synergy of ideas and actions, perfecting industrial paint and related product technologies, and making the dreams of clients, employees, suppliers, society, and stockholders come true.


Excellence with ethics
Commitment to success
Competing with competence
Working with quality and focused on results
Encouraging individual skills and creativity
Profits as a way to perpetuate the business