Specialized Labs

Engineering and Development
Responsible for product development, gathering the main ingredients for customer satisfaction: technology, experience and creativity.

Periodically attending to events, seminaries and fairs, in Brazil and abroad, our team constantly seeks for innovation, information exchanges and processes updates.

Quality Control
Those are made during all stages of the process, since the raw material up to the final product, ensuring the reliability and fidelity of the batches.
*Application tests: Tecbril also seeks to adapt to the reality of the client's application, with simulations that help in the management of developments and quality assurance. All this with agility and safety.
* Resistance test, adhesion, viscosity, drying, moisture analysis. There are also other specific tests suited  to each type of material.

Suited equipment for each stage, always keeping an eye on the market innovations. 

Technical assistance

Specialized Team: our technicians are always ready to develop with the costumer the best solution for your company.

Follow-up: from request to application.

Experience: almost three decades on the run, with a signature from a solid, transparent e innovative company.

social responsibility

Internal campaigns: collection of clothing for donation, plastic caps reversed in resources for animal protection organizations, Solidary Christmas (where a charity is chosen to be helped).

Support for cultural, social and sports activities.


Tecbril goes far beyond complying with regulations and laws. They are actions that make the difference in the most varied areas and we report here some of them.

Waste Disposal: the process is so rigorous and organized, that the company participated in the video of Codeca (The Waste Management Company in  Caxias do Sul) as a case in the separation and destination of industrial waste.

8S: It is one of the tools of Lean thinking (management philosophy inspired by practices and results of the Toyota System), which helps us to create discipline culture, identify problems and generate opportunities for improvement.

Solvent Reuse: The solvent generated in the process is distilled and reused for cleaning of the plant and equipment in general.

Water: rainwater is collected, stored, analyzed and subsequently used in the process of manufacturing water based materials, floor cleaning and various equipment.

Energy: incandescent bulbs have been replaced with led bulbs.

Inputs: recovery and reuse of metal and plastic packaging.

Flora: we planted native and fruit trees, and even have on an organic vegetable garden for our internal restaurant consumption.

Environmental indicator: we have an artificial lake, which serves as a reserve for firefighting; there are several species of fish that serve as a positive indicator of environmental preservation.