Glass / Perfume Bottles and Like Products

Meeting the cosmetics segment’s demanding quality standards, Tecbril offers the market two glass decoration systems: E-Glass® and S-Glass®. Formulated with the company’s own resin technology, their main characteristics are:

  • Excellent application.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • High adherence to glass (doing away with the need to apply adherence promoters).
  • The possibility of obtaining an infinite number of colors and effects with Tebril’s available pigment kit.

There are systems for curing in hothouses, with quick drying, high gloss or matte finishes and great production consistency. Their main competitive advantages are:

E-Glass®: Water-based systems for decorating glass, in keeping with the worldwide trend to reduce atmospheric solvent emissions. They perform better than the traditional solvent-based systems still employed in the market. They make it possible to apply a monolayer type application in a variety of colors, thereby facilitating the process and increasing the finish quality of the painted bottle.
It also makes it possible to check the quality of the painted bottles right after cooling, promoting agility and increased confidence when releasing the containers for shipment.
Currently, with solvent-based systems, that is only possible 72 hours after application. With E-Glass®, you add agility and productivity to your processes.

S-Glass®: Traditional solvent-based system used in the market, applied in a duallayer mode for all colors.

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